Caring Doctors at a Cancun Hospital

While everyone hopes that their visit to Cancun does not result in a trip to the hospital, sometimes it does happen. The good news is that Cancun hospitals and other medical facilities are there for you. Cancun’s hospitals are very safe and modern so there are no worries – you are in good hands.

If you do happen to need care from a Cancun hospital, remember that Mexico does not accept medical insurance from other countries. For any extended stay, always purchase Traveler’s Medical Insurance before leaving on your business or vacation trip to a foreign country.

If you have a pre-existing medical condition, it is always good to know the location and contact information of Cancun’s hospitals and other medical facilities. Keep these on hand in case of emergency. We hope that you stay safe!

Cancun Hospital Directory

General Hospital of Cancun
Address: 5 Andador, between 12th and 13th Streets, Colony of Puerto Juarez, Cancun.
Telephone numbers: (52-998) 884-2666 / 884-2967.

Amat Hospital
Address: 13 Nader Avenue, Super Block 2, Cancun.
Telephone number: (52-998) 887-4422.

American Hospital
Address: Retorno Viento, Super Block 4, Block 22 – Lot 15, Colony Centre, Cancun.
Telephone numbers: (52-998) 884-6133 / 884-6068.

AmeriMed Hospital
Address: Mz 4,5,9, Sm 7, Benito Juárez, 77500 Cancún, Quintana Roo, Mexico
Telephone number: 52 (998) 881 3400

Total Assist Hospital
Address: 5 Claveles, Super Block 22, Colony Centre, Cancun.
Telephone numbers: (52-998) 884-8082 / 884-8116.

Bonampak Surgical Centre
Address: crossing of Bonampak Avenue and 5 Tierra Street, Cancun.
Telephone numbers: (52-998) 884-6523 / 884-5530.

Medical Surgical Specialties
Address: 5 Claveles, Super Block 5, Block 22, Colony Centre, Cancun
Telephone numbers: (52-998) 884-1058 / 884-8082.

Esperanza Clinic and Maternity
Address: 74 Bonampak Avenue, Block 11 – Lot 17, along Route 4, Cancun.
Telephone numbers: (52-998) 880-2640 / 880-3343.

Nazareth Clinic
Address: 156 Puerto Juarez, Super Block 76, Block 17 – Lot 11, Cancun.
Telephone numbers: (52-998) 880-3031 / 880-3032.

Victoria Clinic Cancun
Address: 596 Sunyaxchen, Super Block 25, Cancun.
Telephone number: (52-998) 884-2407.

Karla Clinic and Pharmacy
Address: Block 29 – Lot 13, between 15th and 16th North, Super Block 63, Cancun.
Telephone number: (52- 998) 884-3863.

Cancun Dentist Directory

It is also common practice to go to Mexico in search of cheap dental work. Cancun, like any large city, has many dentists. But it is important to do some research prior to going, to ensure that you get the best quality care possible.

Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry
Address: Avenida Tulum MZ7, Las Americas Shopping Mall
77500 Cancún, Quintana Roo, Mexico
Telephone number: 1-800-565-1424 (toll free)

Cancun Smile
Address: Av. Xel-Ha No.103 Altos 5 Sm.25 Colonia Centro C.P. 77509 Cancún, Q.Roo
Phone: (52-998) 884-07-17 .