Cancun timeshares are an inexpensive and convenient alternative to buying a vacation condo or villa.

Cancun offers several options whether you want to rent, buy or sell a timeshare.

Sitting through a timeshare presentation in Cancun is a common occurrence.

What is a Cancun Timeshare?

A timeshare is type of ownership of a property or a right to use that property for a set amount of time (usually a week, recurring yearly). There are many different types of timeshares in Cancun, differing in type of ownership, length, amenities and property type.


The standard length of a timeshare is usually one week. However, you can find timeshares to buy or rent that may be multiple weeks. Some timeshares in Cancun will allow the owner to break his or her weeks up into smaller segments. This time period may be set (called a fixed week ) or it maybe changeable (called a floating week).


In Cancun, timeshare units are usually in hotels, resorts or condo buildings.  For example, popular Cancun hotels like the Moon Palace Golf Resort and Spa and the Krystal resorts often have timeshare units for sale or rent.

The most common timeshares in Cancun are often one or two bedroom suites that include a kitchen or kitchenette.


Timeshares in Cancun usually include the use of the property’s amenities. This can include everything from pools and gyms to the concierge. If you are buying or renting a timeshare, it is important to ask what kind of amenities you will have access to ahead of time.

Attending a Timeshare Presentation in Cancun

If you are interested in learning more about timeshares, many companies have representative who will speak to you about the process, benefits and usage allowances involved.  Attending the presentation is free of charge.

If you are staying at a hotel, talk to your concierge. Often times a company will offer a timeshare presentation in your Cancun hotel or resort – all you have to do is show up!

If you show interest, many times you can stay at the timeshare for a much reduced rate or even free of charge to experience the property before making a decision.

Cancun Timeshare Promotions

Upon attending a timeshare presentation, many companies offer desirable incentives to create an even better vacation experience for you and your party.

In Cancun, most of the promotions are tours, dinner cruises or even a day’s use of the timeshare property’s facilities.

Types of Timeshares in Cancun

  • Fee Simple or Deeded Timeshare: A deeded timeshare is where you own a percentage of the property.
  • Certificate/Leased or “Right to Use:” This type of timeshare allows you to use the timeshare for your set amount of time, but you do not actually have a deed.
  • Point Based: A point based timeshare is usually with a multi-property company. You can earn or use points for weeks a time. A vacation club is a type of  point based timeshare, usually through a big hotel chain with multiple properties like Marriott.

Buying, Selling or Renting a Timeshare in Cancun

Once you own a timeshare in Cancun, you can rent it to other people even sell it to someone else.

Sometimes timeshare owners cannot make their week in Cancun and are looking to rent out their timeshare. Renting a timeshare over a regular hotel can save you money.