Cancun villas offer you privacy while maintaining all a luxury of a five-star resort. You can also get a better value by renting Cancun villas because they offer you more space, full amenities and total privacy.

Why stay in Cancun Villas?

A number of amenities, unique environments, sports, and activities can be experienced during your stay in a Cancun villa. Expect everything from Jacuzzis, oceanfront balconies, fully equipped kitchens, all in quaint, comfortable settings. Some Cancun villas even have gym equipment and private pools. Staying in luxurious Cancun villas offers a more authentic Mexican experience because it takes you a little further from the crowds and noise of the tourist areas. This also makes Cancun villas a great option for families with young children who are looking for a quieter, private experience.

Puerto Morelos is a small, seaside village about 20 minutes south of the Cancun airport and it offers many great villa options. It is the perfect location because it is very close to Cancun but there are also many great activities within the town itself. Situated next to an offshore reef, Puerto Morelos is a great place to dive, snorkel and fish! You can also shop at local markets and experience Mexican culture away from tourism.

Cancun villas are also much more cost effective than larger facilities, allowing couples, commercial groups, and families to save money on lodgings and more to spend on activities, tours, shopping, and special celebrations.

Cancun villas offer beautiful views and landscapes

Imagine waking and enjoying a warm cup of coffee as you watch the sun rise from the private balcony of your Cancun villa.  You can enjoy lunch on a covered patio later in the morning, shaded from the sun while you look down the shoreline. You can sip on a margarita or freshly squeezed mango juice as you lie on your private beach and let the waves tickle your toes.

Situated in secluded spots, Cancun villas are very romantic and come with beautiful sunsets making it top on the list for couples and newlyweds.  Because these locations are so popular with couples and people looking to get away from the larger crowds, Cancun villas tend to reflect more traditional Spanish, Mexican, or classic European architecture.  The grounds around Cancun villas are superbly landscaped with lush greenery and carefully manicured lawns.  Getting out of your shuttle and walking up to the lobby of your villa will instantly transport you out of the hustle and bustle of the tourist zone into a more reposed and peaceful frame of mind.