10 Ways to Simplify Your Cancun Vacation

by Carla Fiorito on February 1, 2011

10 Ways to Simplify Your Cancun Vacation

I recently went to Cancun with a few of my close friends. We were a large group and it was difficult to find a taxi that could fit us and all of our luggage. We ended up having to get two separate taxis – and they were extremely expensive.

Once we got to the hotel, we learned that we could have reserved a shuttle at a set price. If we had known about the shuttle, we would have saved a lot of time and money. Not to mention the stress we would have avoided!

Here are ten tips I’ve learned that can make your travels easier and help you avoid a stressful vacation.

1. Get the Package Deal

Instead of going to many different websites trying to coordinate your Cancun vacation, use Expedia or Priceline to book your flight and hotel together. You can also go to Kayak, a website that compares prices between other travel sites.

2. Book All-Inclusive

By booking all-inclusive, you have covered all of your food and beverage costs for your trip. This is also convenient when traveling with kids, as they are always hungry! It will also be much easier to budget your vacation if you choose an all-inclusive hotel.

3. Choose the Most Direct Flight

If possible, try to choose the most direct flights to Cancun’s international airport. This way you can avoid unexpected mishaps such as missing a connection, losing your luggage, or having a leg of your flight cancelled. Booking the most direct flights will also be much less stressful.

4. Pack Smart

Start packing early, and make a list of what you need. Buy sun protection at home, as it may be more expensive in Cancun. Make sure to leave a little wiggle room in your luggage in case you buy a few things.

5. Book a Ride

Booking transportation to and from the airport can help you avoid being overcharged by taxi’s. Some transportation agencies have fixed prices between the airport and the Hotel Zone.  This is also convenient as the car or van will be waiting for you upon your arrival.

6. Ask the Concierge

If you are trying to find a good place to eat out, instead of referencing various Cancun travel books, ask the concierge. They usually have the most updated and reliable information.

7. Have Copies of Everything

Have copies of your passport, flight and hotel information, and any other confirmation numbers just in case you need them. These copies can come in very handy – especially the copies of your passport.

8. Plan Excursions

Have an idea of which excursions you would like to do – scuba diving, zip lining, visiting Mayan Ruins, etc. Remember that the concierge can help you book these upon your arrival to the hotel, this way you can plan your activity days in advance.

9. Exchange at the airport

The exchange rate is always fluctuating, so it is best to change your currency at the airport once you land. If you run out, there are currency exchange posts around the city. Remember, if you pay a restaurant bill in US Dollars, they will give you your change in Mexican Pesos.

10.  Keep Updated

Watch the news, check the weather, and monitor your flights. It is important to be aware of any new security measures, the weather conditions, and flight changes. This can help you avoid any surprises while vacationing.

What are some ways you simplify your travels?

Carla is currently an intern at All About Mexico. She is studying Hotel & Restaurant Management at University of Houston. She loves writing, traveling, and tourism.
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