3 Great Blogs About Living in Cancun

by Cara Gourley on September 20, 2010

Since I’m constantly researching Cancun, I find a great resource is reading about the people who actually live there.

Here are some of my favorites:

Cancun Blog

Gringanation: Laura is a Canadian who came to study tourism in Cancun and stayed.  Laura writes about excursions around the Yucatan Peninsula and the day to day life of living in Cancun.  She recently got married and she has the most adorable dogs – Suki, Konan and Dolly. You can follow her on twitter at @Cancungringa.

A Cancun Blog

Ashlie’s Cancun Blog: Ashlie, also a Canadian, has lived in Cancun since 1995.  Ashlie focuses on exploring Cancun, mostly showing the delicious restaurants she and her husband visit. You can also follow her on twitter at @CanuckaCancun.

Another Cancun Blog

A Canuck in Cancun: A third Canadian writes about live in Cancun with her husband and son. She gives great inside on family life in Cancun as well as raising a child. You can also follow her on twitter at @cancuncanuck.

Honorable Mention (because it’s not Cancun…exactly):

Puerto Morelos Blog

Puerto Morelos Blog: Amber, a real estate agent, gives tips about Puerto Morelos – a residential town near Cancun. She lives there with her family. Her blog does cover a lot of real estate, but she also gives a lot of helpful hints and current events. You can follow here on twitter at @puertomorelos

What are some of your favorite blogs about Cancun? Who am I missing out on?

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