5 Breathtaking Views of Cancun

by Carla Fiorito on July 14, 2011

Cancun from planeImage by conbon33

There are a few reasons why Cancun is one of the most popular beach destinations, one reason being the amazing views!

When flying to Cancun, I always ask for the window seat, so I can check out my favorite vacation spot from the sky.

Every time I return home from a Cancun vacation and look through my pictures, I realize that most of my pictures are of the scenery.

These are the most impressive views I’ve found in and around Cancun.

1. From Up Above

Cancon birds eye viewImage by ramonbaile

before landing on your flight to Cancun, make sure to take a look outside your plane window. Do you see that piece of land shaped like a 7? That’s Cancun!

If weather permits, this is one of the most awesome views of Cancun because you can see all of it. Chances are, you will also see quite a bit of Quintana Roo and Isla Mujeres as well.

If you miss this view for some reason, you can always book a helicopter ride for another bird’s eye view of the peninsula. Although, this experience will be completely different, as a helicopter flies much lower and closer to Cancun.

2. Riu Hotel

RIU cancun view

The Riu Cancun is the tallest hotel in Cancun, and as a result, has one of the most awesome views of Cancun.

The hotel is shaped like an open book, so many of the rooms have a great view of the beach, but the prime view is in the Annex Building.This building is six stories tall and sits at the top of the Riu Cancun, stationed right over the pool areas.

3. Garrafon Park

Garrafon Park Cancun

Garrafon Park is a natural reef park located 30 minutes away from Cancun on the Isla Mujeres.

The park has a panoramic tower that is 361 feet high and rotates 360 degrees to view all of Isla Mujeres, Cancun, and their beautiful surroundings.

Watching the sunset in this tower is amazing, as the sky and the water change colors all around you as the sun goes down.

Gaffafon Zipline

4. From the Beach

Cancun Beach View From a PalapaImage by Ricardo Diaz

No matter where you are flying from, the view of Cancun’s beaches is always beautiful.

You may not be looking at the island of Cancun, but looking out at the crystal clear blue water is, undoubtedly, a breathtaking view.

One of the first things that I do right after I check into my Cancun hotel is go out to the beach and take in the sand, the sky, and the ocean.

Cancun Beach View of a boatImage by Alex Gil

5. Under Water

Underwater Picture of Fish in CancunImage by txdiverdoug

This amazing view of Cancun isn’t of the hotels or the beach; it’s under the water! Cancun has unparalleled marine life, and the water is always the perfect temperature for snorkeling or scuba diving.

Check out things like the underwater museum, coral reefs, and colorful fish under the surface for some of the best underwater views.

Have you seen Cancun from any of these places? What’s your favorite view of Cancun?

Carla is currently an intern at All About Mexico. She is studying Hotel & Restaurant Management at University of Houston. She loves writing, traveling, and tourism.
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