5 Top Family Attractions in Cancun

by Reno Charlton on February 22, 2012

Cancun Beach

While many people who come to Cancun are here for the glorious beaches, the stunning scenery and the sizzling sunshine, there is a lot more to this city than just lazy days in beautiful surroundings. Cancun also offers a variety of attractions and entertainment, including plenty of entertainment for families.

Cancun may be popular amongst groups of singles, couples and honeymooners; but it is also a great place for families to enjoy quality time together. Some of the family attractions that you can look forward to experiencing in this area include:

Dolphinaris Cancun

Dolphinaris Cancun
Photo taken by a2gemma

This is an excellent place for the whole family to visit. The kids will love being able to see and interact with the dolphins and you can even enjoy swimming with these beautiful mammals.

This is a place that both kids and adults will enjoy and it even offers educational benefits, as the kids can learn all about the dolphins from the well informed guides.

Bonanza Ranch

Whilst this is more of a place for families with older children, it provides a wonderful morning or afternoon out, enabling you to combine adventure and excitement with the chance to see the natural beauty of the area in a unique way.

You get to enjoy riding on horseback through the jungle and on the beach, where you can take in the sights and take plenty of photos

The Beach

Cancun Beach

Of course, Cancun is home to some pristine beaches so a fun family day at the beach is the perfect way to soak up the sunshine, enjoy some relaxation, take a dip in the warm azure waters, and let the kids have some fun in the fresh air.

Wet ‘n’ Wild, Cancun

Water parks provide a great opportunity to have family fun in the sizzling hot weather that you get in Cancun. Wet ‘n’ Wild is a fabulous and exciting water park, where you can have fun, cool down, and enjoy some thrilling water rides.

You can even get food included as part of the day out here, so you don’t have to worry about bringing along your own lunch.

Interactive Aquarium

Cancun AquariumPhoto taken by a2gemma

This is an attraction that is both fascinating and educational, making it ideal for kids and adults alike. You get to experience all sorts of sea life from dolphins and sharks to sea urchins.

This is also a place where the kids can interact with the sea life as well as learn more about the different species.

What’s your family’s favorite thing to do in Cancun?

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