Five Reasons to Dive in Cancun

by Carla Fiorito on June 17, 2011

I have been to Cancun many times, and I thought I knew it pretty well. I enjoyed awesome food, spent a lot of time on the beach, and went snorkeling a few times.

One time, a friend and I decided to break away from the routine and take scuba diving lessons.

We found a reputable dive shop on the coast of Cancun and were almost immediately fitted for scuba gear. Our new friend and dive instructor took us out on the beach and we began our lessons. The sensation of being completely submerged in water and still breathing was awesome, and even though we weren’t certified yet, my friend and I knew this would be unforgettable.

After learning about buoyancy control, underwater hand signals, and how to move around underwater with all that gear, we finally went out to open sea. My friend and I swam just 75 feet under the surface of the water, among fish and coral we would have never seen snorkeling. All you can hear is the sound of your own bubbles, and you are completely weightless.

Once we reached the surface, we knew one thing was for sure:

Underwater Cancun is a whole other world!

Scuba diving gave us an up close and personal experience with Cancun that snorkeling didn’t. While both activities are a lot of fun, diving in Cancun is a must!

Here are five reasons why I decided to take scuba diving lessons in Cancun:

1. The Underwater Museum

There are very few places in the world that have underwater museums – and Cancun is on that list! A man named Jason Taylor has created Mexico’s first and only underwater museum. There are about 400 sculptures a short distance from surface of the water. Each sculpture is based on a real person, and has a name and story. The Underwater Museum sculptures are made from special materials to encourage coral and reef life, so the marine life is colorful and unique.

2. There Are A Lot of Places to Get Certified

The coast of Cancun is sprinkled with dive shops – which means there are a lot of places to get certified. Each establishment is run by experienced crews who have spent years diving in Cancun and around the world. Some of the most well-known dive certification shops are Aquaworld and Scuba Cancun. Wherever you decide to get certified, ask about PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) courses, as it is the official certification.

3. There are Many  Types of Diving

Cancun offers an incredible array of diving experiences that go hand in hand with the different types of scuba certifications. The most basic scuba certification is called “Open Water Diver,” which means you understand all the basics of scuba diving. There are different specialties such as photography diving, wreck diving, and night diving that allow you have fun with different kinds of diving experiences.

Cancun’s diving venues include the coast, the reefs, deep water, and cenote diving. There are also sunken boats, the underwater museum, and caverns to add some adventure to your Cancun diving experience.

4. It’s good for you

There are a few health benefits that come along with scuba diving. Did you know that scuba diving for an hour can help you burn as many calories as you would playing an entire basketball game? Because it’s in the water, scuba diving is also naturally calming and teaches you how to breathe in a whole new way.

5. The Weather and the Water

Cancun is unique in that the sun is almost always out, and the water is always warm. This means that you don’t have to wear any kind of body suit during any of your dives, and you don’t have to worry about extreme weather, which may change your lesson schedule.

If you are still nervous or unsure about scuba diving in Cancun, or you don’t want to spend time and money getting certified, there is a great alternative: Snuba Diving. Snuba diving is different because it combines the comfort of snorkeling with the feeling of scuba diving. The oxygen tank floats above you, and you breathe through a 20 foot hose attached to the tank. It is not necessary to wear any other scuba gear – just goggles!

Have you gone scuba diving in Cancun? What was your experience like?

Carla is currently an intern at All About Mexico. She is studying Hotel & Restaurant Management at University of Houston. She loves writing, traveling, and tourism.
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