Getting the Best Price for Your Cancun Package

by Carla Fiorito on June 30, 2011

Cancun  Vacation packages are the way to go.

Since I am always traveling to Cancun, I always try to find the best deals. In my opinion, vacation packages are the way to go.

A vacation package is  when travel sites bundle airfare and hotel cost into an affordable price.

When I book a vacation packages for Cancun, I know that I am getting the best possible price for the time I book.

Here are some tips I have learned about booking a Cancun package for my vacation:

1. Target your budget

One of the first things to do when deciding whether or not to take a vacation is target your budget.

This is important so that you know your price range, but you should be a little flexible when deciding this, as fifty dollars may be the difference between a standard room and a suite! If you do have a tight budget, consider booking vacation packages with all-inclusive hotels. This way all of your expected expenses are taken care of even before you begin your trip.

2. Shop Around

Don’t stay on one website, and don’t book in the same week you start looking.

Prices for airfare and hotel nights change daily, so it is a good idea to spread out your search through a couple of weeks. has price tracking alerts, and will send you an email if the price changes.

On, you can set alerts for certain prices, so if your Cancun package deal gets down to 500$, you are the first to know.

Sometimes a website can throw in a complimentary afternoon of snorkeling, so be sure to look around!

3. Book Early

Even though prices fluctuate daily, it is always best to book early. There are many fees that are involved in booking a package, one being a hefty cancellation fee.

Booking early allows you to plan way ahead of time, and can end up saving you a lot of money. Airfare spikes upwards between one to two weeks of a departure date, but booking a month to a month and a half ahead of time assures you will get a good deal.

4. Make sure it’s legitimate

Be aware of those advertisements that sell Cancun Packages for extremely low prices. These sites are not completely honest about their packages.

For example, they may guarantee flights and hotel, however, your flight is in the middle of the night and your hotel room faces the employee parking. Not to mention, these packages may not include amenities like a complimentary breakfast.

Buy your Cancun vacation package from a well known website or travel agency to ensure that you can take advantage of your travel days and arrive to a beautiful view.

5. Travel during the slow season

It is part of the travel industry to raise prices as demand increases, so if you are looking for a particularly good price, travel during the slow season.

The hotels and the beaches won’t be as crowded, so you may also get a more personalized experience. Late May, early June, and early August and September are good times to travel to Cancun.

If you are unable to travel during these times, that’s okay! Travel sites offer great deals year round.

What was the best vacation package you’ve ever gotten?

Carla is currently an intern at All About Mexico. She is studying Hotel & Restaurant Management at University of Houston. She loves writing, traveling, and tourism.
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