5 Ways to Save Money on Your Cancun Vacation

by Sari Holtz on September 1, 2010

Save Money in Cancun

You may be planning your dream trip to Cancun, but that doesn’t mean that you need to overspend in order to have a memorable experience. In fact, part of the beauty of traveling to Cancun is that with a bit of planning you can enjoy a luxurious experience for a reasonable price.

Read on to find five ways to save money on your Cancun vacation so that you can start saving for your next trip!

  1. Compare prices. You may be tempted to book a hotel that looks great in the pictures, but with a bit of research you can probably find another great hotel at a fraction of the price. There are dozens of Cancun hotels to choose from so you should have no trouble finding luxurious accommodations for a very reasonable price.
  2. Book your transportation in advance. Most tourists assume that they can just jump in a cab from the airport to their hotel. And while most hotels are within 10 miles of the airport, failing to arrange your transportation in advance can result in extremely steep prices for this short journey. Speak to your Cancun travel agent or have airport transportation included in your online reservations to ensure that you’re not overpaying for this service.
  3. Beware and be aware of package deals. If you plan on doing a variety of excursions, you may benefit greatly from an all inclusive package. While many packages really can save you money, they aren’t all fantastic deals.
  4. Don’t pack lightly. You may not need to pack as though you’re moving to Cancun, but taking enough clothing to last for the entire trip will ensure that you won’t need to pay the hotel staff to do your laundry. And there are definitely more fun ways to spend your money than on overpriced laundry services.
  5. Dine affordably. Cancun is full of restaurants ranging in price, and by limiting yourself to eating at reasonably priced restaurants you can save a bundle. It’s okay to splurge on your final dinner or to celebrate an occasion in style, but there’s certainly no need to pay for an expensive dinner each night. Ask your concierge for recommendations of tasty and affordable restaurants and enjoy trying out different food each night – without spending a fortune.

With so many things to do in Cancun, you should have no trouble finding affordable activities to balance with more expensive outings. From scuba diving to romantic walks on the beach, there are things to do in every price range. Taking a few moments to find inexpensive activities and accommodations will make the trip less stressful and will leave you with a few extra dollars to spend where you really want to.

Sari Holtz is the blogger for Billy.com, an online savings club that provides great deals on everything from movers to hardware.
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