Should I Go to Cancun or Cabo San Lucas?

by Sarah Stevens on December 1, 2011

Cabo Beach
Despite how hectic life can be, it can be equally routine if not a bit boring. Our vacations can also be less than extraordinary when we choose places we are familiar and perhaps a little too comfortable with, so it is sometimes good to do something different and adventurous.

A trip to one of the great beachfront destinations in Mexico is a perfect solution. However, choosing the right location is also a consideration. Should you go to Cancun or Cabo?

Why Choose Cancun?

If you thought about going to Mexico a number of years ago, you might have immediately thought of Acapulco and watching the cliff divers dive off the high cliffs into the sea.

Cancun Beach
Not something that most would want to do but it challenged the imagination and made many vacation goers choose Acapulco for their first Mexico vacation. While many knew about Acapulco, Cancun quietly emerged on the vacation scene.

Situated on the Southeastern tip of Mexico, in a few years Cancun transformed itself from being a fisherman`s island into a major international tourist destination.

Cancun Cenote
Photo taken by Christine Zenino

Believe it or not, it had a population of just three people as recently as 1970; now it abounds with a bustling population and a number of things to do. Cancun is now the most well known tourist site in Mexico with it soft white beaches and crystal clear Caribbean waters that attract visitors from all over the world.

They also come for the variety of activities ranging from golf to the city’s great night life and, for the history enthusiast, the numerous nearby Mayan archaeological sites. Another great draw for Cancun its warm year-round tropical climate with average annual temperatures of 78 degrees (Fahrenheit).

Why Choose Cabo?

If Acapulco and Cancun have historically been considered the king and queen of Mexican resorts, then there is also now a new heir to the throne to be considered. `Cabo` is the popular term for the Los Cabos region which is located on the West side of Mexico at the tip of the Baja Peninsula, the narrow strip of land South adjoining Southern California.

Cabo at Night
Less commercialized and populated, Cabo has a more laid back feel than Cancun. With its proximity to California, Cabo began as a secluded getaway for the rich and famous. However, over time, it has become much more accessible and popular with the general public.

One of the unique attributes of Cabo is its width at only 20 miles across and known as the Golden Corridor, you can take a drive along the highway and the sea is almost always visible.

Cabo Golf

Like Cancun, Cabo offers a number of great activities including a number of world class golf courses from notable designers including Pete Dye and Jack Nicholas. But, if there is one thing Cabo is renown for, it is its incredible marine life.

During the Winter and Spring months, a variety of whale species such as grey, blue and humpback migrate through Cabo’s ocean waters.

You can also be part of seasonal baby sea turtle releases. But Cabo is probably the most well known for its deep sea fishing for Marlin, Tuna, Dorado and a number of other large game fish.

Cabo Lands End
With all the great things to do at both these great tourist destinations which one will you choose… Cancun or Cabo San Lucas?

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