The Art of Escaping to Cancun

by Debra Mae White-Stephens on August 30, 2010

How does one unplug from the demands and devices of work? How does one escape the frenetic energy and extricate oneself from the stress that comes with it?

Enter Cancun – on the cusp of the Caribbean where the water shimmers beneath the light of the Gods. Cancun is a haven for the weary warrior of business and the busyness of life. Solace for the soul.

My ritual begins the moment the pilot announces the approach to landing and my eyes glimpse the sultry coast. I take a deep breath in…and the tension melts away. The airport is strategically located just north of the luxury lined hotel district and not too far from the Mexican Riviera, Playa Del Carmen. A short taxi drive allows my mind to play with the possibilities this week away from my woes has to offer. With my copy of the classic read “Gift from the Sea” by Anne Morrow Lindbergh safely tucked in my suitcase, I am destined to dally by the pool and download.

Upon arrival at the hotel, the first order of affairs is to check out the bed. A soft bed one can sink into is a must. And then there is the view. With so many highly rated establishments to choose from for accommodations, these are easy amenities to secure. My favorite room is one where the bed offers an open look to a balcony and beyond – a balcony where I will take in the breezes that graze the shoreline. Between the breathtaking scenery, sea air and the sound of the waves, my every sense is showered.

Shedding my travel gear and slipping on beachwear, I am ready to walk waterside in the sand. The pace of my walk drums along peacefully as I succumb to the natural rhythm of a resort town built to restore ones liveliness.

Dinner on the first night sets the tone for the week long respite. My first choice is to eat outdoors under the tantalizing sky of sparkling stars and a resplendent moon. The strumming of the mariachis sets the mood. Seafood caught in the fresh waters nearby is bountiful in Cancun along with wine from local vineyards. I yield to my desires and indulge in both of these delicacies.

Once I am sufficiently sated, I stroll the sidewalk in the hotel district for world class window shopping. Mexico is known for its handcrafted local leathers yet I still find myself lingering at Farragamo and Fendi along the way. After all, what woman doesn’t love to look at shoes? In the next moment, the sound of the nightlife of Cancun calls me to let loose. I flirt with the idea of a drink and a dance but in the end I give in to the lure of listening to the open sea in lieu of a live band.

As I turn my gaze back toward my hotel, I realize my escape is official – I have arrived in Cancun…and I have landed in the lap of luxury.

Debra Mae White-Stephens
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