Beach Things to do in Cancun When It Rains

by Laurie Gourley on September 30, 2010

Cancun in Hurricane Matthew

What do you do when Mother Nature decides not to cooperate with your vacation plans? When I found out Hurricane Matthew was hitting Mexico, I had a choice stay home or make the best of it and go.

I was happy to find Cancun beaches can be just as much fun in the rain as in the sun. I decided to walk the beach in between bands of rain and found it to be a pleasant surprise.

Beach Sand Games

Sand writing and sand castle construction was the thing to do on the beach. It seems rainy sand is the ideal consistency to use to create that masterpiece. You can use sticks, cups, bottles and for the more advanced castle makers; store bought equipment.

Beach Volleyball

As we walked along the row of hotels there were people playing beach volleyball and enjoying the cool rain. I asked one of the players if I needed to stay at that hotel to play and the answer was no anyone was welcome. The process to join Cancun beach volleyball is fairly simple show up, ask and wait till there is an opening.

Shell Hunting

The storm had caused the waves to create a large sand wall at the edge of the beach. I watched some women using sticks and broken shells to poke holes in the sandy cliff. One woman explained that this is where they would find unbroken large conch shells. I spent much of the day trying this new type of shell hunting. I found a large quantity of shells and did not have to compete with the Cancun beach crowd.

Beach People Watching

Watching how people act at the beach when it’s raining is good entertainment. There was a family eating cookies on a beach blanket as if it was the most perfect of weather. A young couple sat on lounge chairs with sunglasses on and beer in hand laughing. The rain seemed to make it a magical day; having fun on the beach was all about the attitude.

If you are one of those people who have a good time despite the rainy weather share your thoughts, pictures or stories.

Laurie is CEO at All About Mexico. She loves traveling, tennis and making new friends. You can follow her on twitter @allaboutlaurie.
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