Top 5 Holidays and Festivals in Cancun

by Dave Clough on June 15, 2011

Cancun holidays and events are lots of fun.

If you’re planning on taking a holiday to Cancun in Mexico, there is plenty to do and there are also lots of festivals and events taking place throughout the year.

It’s good to know what’s going on when and what to look out for on your vacation.

Cancun is a fabulous place to experience the traditional Mexican festivals; you can join in and celebrate with the friendly locals.

Keep reading for a rundown of some of the Festivals taking place later on in the year.

Viva México en Cancun

Viva México en Cancun is held throughout September and boasts a number of popular events, such as art exhibitions, folk music, dancing, workshops, street entertainment and much more.

Independence Day

Independence Day takes place on September 16th and residents celebrate with festivities downtown and on Isla Mujeres. It is one of Mexico’s most important events and commemorates the beginning of Mexico’s war of independence with Spain.

The celebrations start in the main Government office and the locals wait to hear the bell rung and hear ‘El Grito’ re-enacted by the government official. After, follows fireworks, parties, a nationally televised speech from the President, lots of dancing and music, great of food, and of course it wouldn’t be Mexico without plenty of tequila!

If you decide to venture to the Government Building on Independence Day, please be aware that the area will be very crowded; it’s not really a place for young children.

Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead is held in early November and is a celebration of life. The dead are remembered and crowds gather at cemeteries, bands play loudly and much of Cancun is filled with brightly colourful decorations. This traditional event is very historic and great to experience if you’re in Cancun at this time.

Revolution Day

Cancun’s Revolution Day is on November 20th and is one of the most energized events of the year. The event starts in the morning with a grand parade. Children and grownups often line the streets to catch a glimpse of the lively parade and acts. It is a superb event that the whole family can join in and celebrate along with the locals!

Dia de la Raza

Dia de la Raza, held in mid-October, is the “Mexican Columbus day.” It consists of bullfights, processions, dancing, live music, and various events with a strong Spanish theme. The Dia de la Raza is based around the city centre and is really exciting to watch.

There are so many festivals in Cancun; others include the Summer Solstice at the world-famous Chichen Itza ruins in September and the Cancun International Film Festival (CIFF) in November. Every festival is different but all are full of fun, celebratory dancing and a not to be missed atmosphere for everyone to join in!

Cancun offers everything you could possibly want from a holiday, including great attractions, rich culture, amazing weather and fabulous festivals!

What’s your favorite Cancun holiday?

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