Why You Should Stay at a Cancun B&B

by Brittany Ofield on June 11, 2010

At a Cancun B&B, Breakfast is included in your stay,

For me, breakfast has always been my favorite meal of the day. Scrambled eggs, extra crispy bacon, bagels with peanut butter on them, pancakes… I could go on and on.

And that’s why I love Cancun Bed and Breakfasts (commonly known as B&Bs).  You are guaranteed a free breakfast every morning – it’s included with your room.

Cancun is known for its amazing hotels and resorts, but Cancun’s secret weapon is definitely the B&B.

Here’s why you should stay at a Cancun Bed and Breakfast (other than the free breakfast of course!)

  • Peace and Quiet –  Most Cancun Bed and Breakfasts are smaller than the hotels and resorts, so you can enjoy your visit without tons people running up and down the halls at night.  Some of the bed and breakfasts have less than 10 rooms like the Quinta Bianca (998/848-2096, $30-$60 per night) with 8 rooms.  Others are much larger like the Maria de Lourdes (998/884-1721, $60 – $70 per night) which has 57 rooms.
  • Good Hospitality –   Most B&Bs can only have a few guests at a time, giving the guests personalized attention. Don’t be surprised if the staff calls you by name during your stay.  Many of the Cancun B&Bs, like the Maria de Lourdes, are family operated or have the owner living in residence like The Eco-hotel El Rey del Caribe (998/884-2028, $55 -$85 per night). By the time you leave you will feel like part of the family.
  • Save Money – Cancun Bed and Breakfasts are usually less expensive than staying in a larger hotel.  Stays at most Cancun B&Bs cost between $40 -$70 per night which is quite a steal compared to most resorts. There are some more expensive yet still very affordable B&Bs (around $100 per night) if you are looking for a more boutique luxury feel.

*When dialing the local number from the U.S. or Canada, always dial 011 52 before the number shown

There you have the reasons I love Cancun’s B&Bs. What do you think? Do you have any great B&B experiences? Please share them in the comments below.

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