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Tips to Cut the Cost of Your Cancun Vacation

by Reno Charlton on June 22, 2012

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For many people, being able to take a vacation in fabulous Cancun, Mexico, is a vacation dream come true. However, most people will need to think carefully about the cost of such a vacation, particularly in the current financial climate where we all have to be more mindful about what we spend.

The good news is that this doesn’t mean that you have to rule out the possibility of a Cancun vacation – you simply need to make sure you take steps to try and get the best deal possible. There are a number of steps you can take to try and cut the cost of your vacation to Cancun, which includes:

  • Check the package deals: You can often get some great deals if you go for a package rather than booking your flights and hotel separately, so make sure you check the package deals on offer and see whether you can save money this way. Compare a range of deals, as the cost of the holiday can vary widely
  • Consider all inclusive: Of course, the cost of an all inclusive package is going to be more expensive than a half board or bed & breakfast deal. However, you need to think about the whole holiday not just the initial cost. The amount you need to spend on food, drink and entertainment will really bump up the cost of your trip so you may find that an all inclusive package enables you to save money by not having to take as much spending money with you because your food, drink and some entertainment will be included
  • Book Online: These days, some of the best bargains are to be had online so go online to look for your bargain holiday or package. You can browse and compare deals with ease when you look online, making it easier to find the most affordable and suitable plan
  • Be Flexible: The more flexible you can be with your booking the better your chances of getting a great deal. Be flexible about the dates that you travel, the days you travel, and how long you go for, as all of these can impact upon the cost of your vacation

What tips do you have?

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  • Gery

    Go eat where the locals eat .. Better food for a much better price!! Don’t be afraid to explore the city!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=596117291 Shauna Pow

    1. I agree with Gery. Eat where the locals eat. You should be able to eat 2 full meals with 2 drinks for $120-200 pesos.
    2. Do not buy the souvenirs from your resort, go to the Market 28 downtown. Barter Barter Barter!!
    3. Get on the city buses and see what is out there. Do not be afraid to explore on your own!
    4. Make sure to pack enough of your necessities, like sunblock, toiletries etc,.. as they will cost you a fortune at the gift shop or corner store!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=616961550 Taylor Smith

    Idont drink much any more. And for that, the cost of an AI is not worth any more.
    As far as eating where the locals eat? Maybe white locals? Mexicans can tolerate a lot of food us tourists can’t. I think that is simply bad advice. Getting on the city busses can be risky and unsettling. Getting lost in an unknown part of town and trying to get back is not fun. Been there, done that. Stay in the hotel zone and only go outside with a group to well travelled areas in a Taxi. Always have your cell and a GPS too, just in case.

  • Ernesto

    great tips, especially on book online, i book my cancun airport transfer on line and i save more than 60% on my travel.

  • Greg Hanold

    We go ever year. Our favorite place to stay is Riu Caribe. May not be the fanciest, but the employees are superb! We like trying the local fare and city malls. ALSO – try Paradise Transfers for transportation to and from the Airport. Top notch service – always on time, always polite, always accommodating and always inexpensive.
    Riu Caribe provides restaurants poolside, a buffet, a pizza bar, sports bar with sandwiches, an Asian restaurant and a Mexican restaurant. They have one of the best beaches. They offer entertainment nightly and theme nights as well. We’ve stayed other places… but always come home to the Riu Caribe.

  • Greg Hanold

    It doesn’t sound like you’ve enjoyed Cancun. Riding the bus is a great way to get around. We have never had a bad experience. Actually, several times locals would get up to give my wife and I their seat. We have always found the people of Cancun friendly and helpful. It’s too bad you haven’t had more good experiences.

  • Ariel Castro

    We agree! Eat where the locals eat! You will not only have a great affordable meal but probably meet some amazing people and have a good story out of it. Take advantage of the meals at your hotel. If you are looking to book your vacation you can do it here http://www.cancungreatvacations.com we also have some great package deals as well!

  • Franco

    My experience was as follows and was very pleased indeed

    Check the package deals: variety of promotions

    Consider all inclusive: I can not ask for more

    Book Online: hotel and hotel more air

    Be Flexible: Travel with my partner in September and it was fun to see how celebrated their national holiday

    and many activities to do. . .

    I hope my experience will serve them

  • latamworld

    Hola, soy Uruguaya he visitado varias playas del globo y las de México son paradisíacas. Pero algo que nunca me voy a olvidar es hacer snorkel en Cozumel, siempre que puedo lo comparto, fue algo impresionante los colores de arrecife la fauna y la flora es tan grande, pero sobre todos los colores del arrecife y sus habitantes, pulpus, estrellas, peces de todos los tamaños…

    Ademas tuve suerte de encontrar una agencia real, ya que a veces uno no da con la persona adecuada y no logra una buena experiencia.


    es bueno ir conociendo cuando uno organiza un viaje y los blogs son buenos para ello…

  • Emilio Alday

    Hey there! You can also realise your health treatments in Cancun, and thus paying less than you would pay and USA and enjoying a perfect climate. That is what I did doing my dental implants in a dental clinic in Cancun

  • http://cancunalltours.com/ Cancun Tours

    Thank you for sharing great tips here. It will be help us,

  • Jhon Rinzler

    I stayed in cabo, the hotel have “The three Rs”: Relaxation, Recreation and Romance , its perfect to go as honeymooner, or with all the family, is nearby the beach, 20 min away from the airport, and 5 min walking to get to the beach, I recommend a lot this place!


  • Houi Thuong

    Thanks for sharing useful tips.

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