Riding a bicycle in Cancun

With transportation options such as cars, taxis, boats, airplanes and more – your trip to Cancun will be transportation worry-free.

We have collected information for you on getting to Cancun as well as exploring the city and surrounding area.

Local Cancun Transportation Operators

When dialing the local number from the U.S. or Canada, always dial 011 52 (998) before the number shown.

Operator Telephone
Aqua World 848-8327
Aqua Fun 985-3260
Aqua Tours 983-0400

Exploring Cancun

Parts of Cancun Island is easily accessible by foot for shopping or visiting places like Senior Frogs. If you want to go downtown in Cancun City, the area is also walkable.

  • Taxis are usually a reliable source of Cancun transportation- just make sure to agree on the price before getting in the taxi.  A good tip is to ask your hotel for the usual rate to the location you want to go to. Over 3,000 taxis operate in Cancun so finding one should not be an issue and your hotel can usually help.
  • Also another great form of transportation in Cancun is the buses. A bus ride in Cancun costs about 7 pesos (a little under a dollar). Buses run from the hotel zone to Cancun City from 6am to Midnight and usually run about 5 minutes apart.
  • If you are looking to explore more of the area or take a side trip from Cancun, renting a car might be a good option.  While there are a lot of tours and attractions that include transportation, there are some less visited Mayan Ruins and eco-sites that would be best reached by car.
  • If you are looking to visit Isla Mujeres, ferries leave from Puerto Juarez every half hour which cost about 35 pesos (less than a dollar) or you can take a boat from Cancun which costs around $15 dollars round trip.
  • There are plenty of places to rent bicycles and motorcycles as well.