Isla Mujeres Diving

Isla Mujeres is an island close to Cancun – only about a 30 minute ferry ride away. Isla Mujeres offers some deeper scuba diving spots than those close to Cancun without you having to go far from your hotel.

Cave of the Sleeping Sharks

At a depth of 60-70 feet, a large group of sharks can be found “sleeping” on the floor of the sea due to the water that flows through the cave. These nocturnal beauties are called Nurse or Carpet Sharks, spending their day time on the bottom of the Caribbean.  They are harmless, but scuba diving near these sleeping giants (they can reach up to 14 feet long) can be an experience of a life time. Other sharks that are popularly seen near the Cave of the Sleeping Sharks are Bull, Black Tip, and Gray Reef Sharks. Scuba Diving here is usually recommended for experts and experienced divers only. Also, beware that it is not guaranteed that you will see the sharks (it’s usually about a 60% chance due to the constant scuba diving activity).

Manchones Reef

At a depth of  only 40 ft, this is the most popular of all of the Isla Mujeres diving sites due to its ease and appeal for divers of all levels. The Manchones Reef stretches over a mile filled with coral landscapes and beautiful sea life such as blue tangs, wrasse, grunts, and snappers. The water is calm and clear with great visibility. It is also the home of the Cross of the Bay, a tribute to all the men and women who died by the sea.

Media Luna

Located on Caribbean side of the island, this shallow Isla Mujeres diving spot reaches a depth of 30-40 feet. Explore an underwater world composed of coral, arches, and ridges that plays home to spiny sea urchins, floor crawling Caribbean lobster and colorful waving sea anemone. You will find caves with sharks, grouper, jewelfish, and more.

The Navy Boat Shipwreck & Shrimp Boat Wreck

At a depth of 70 ft. this fantastic Isla Mujeres dive site contains the wreck of a Navy boat which you can swim inside and explore. Expect to see everything from Lobsters to eels, colorful parrotfish to swimming nurse sharks.

Punta Sur

Punta Sur is located where the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea meet  at the southern end of the island. Look for playful dolphins, giant sea turtles and barracuda while scuba diving here. Explore the remains of an old wreck with a 400 year old anchor. The depth at Punta Sur is 35-50 ft.

Tavos Reef

This Isla Mujeres Diving Site reaches a depth of about 35 feet. It is one of the smallest reefs and is full of lime stone formations that seem to twist and turns with many tunnels and crevices. This is a good spot to check out curious Gray and White-Tip Reef Sharks  which are rarely aggressive to humans.