Coba Maya Ruins, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Coba is the largest of Yucatan’s archeological sites, it is also the least excavated of all the major sites on the Yucatan peninsula. Coba is none-the less important, to many Coba is simply put, awesome.

Containing 20,000 structures, Coba once was home to as many as 40,000 Mayans. Coba, which means “Ruffled Water”, was built along the shores of five shallow lakes. Coba is a striking site with magnificent pyramids and incredibly detailed stelae. The Nohoch Mul pyramid, the tallest on the peninsula, reaches 140 feet into the sky. Many experts say that the pyramids here rival those of Tikal in Guatemala.

Multilingual guides are usually available, and a good investment, considering the size of this site. Leave early, as this is an all day trip from Cancun. These ruins are considered a favorite stop for the more adventurous traveler. In the summer the heat and humidity here can be overwhelming.