Diving, Snorkeling and Jungle Adventures

Cancun offers the largest selection of diving options for the scuba diver. Aquaworld is a 5-star dive center that guarantees the quality and fun of your diving trips.

You can choose from deep morning diving to shallow night dives.

You can also explore the nearby caverns & Cozumel, and you can even visit an underwater shipwreck.

Take a resort scuba diving course with us, and you can enjoy diving for the following 15 days at a maximum depth of 30 feet. This intro course will teach you the basics of diving and get you in the water right away without requiring a full certification.

A Jungle tour provides an unforgettable experience as you move up combining a breathtaking ride along the nichupte lagoon and then on into the Caribbean Sea.


Learn the basics of scuba diving in Cancun and take an introductory dive at one of Mexico?s top scuba spots! Within no time, you’ll be underwater without full certification! Practice in the resort pool and then see amazing Caribbean marine life in the open sea during your first open-water 1-tank dive!


Certified divers can now explore the underwater world off the Caribbean coast of Mexico! Cancun is a world-renowned diving location and offers various sites, each with its own unique characteristics.
Experience the Great Mayan Reef, the newly built Underwater Sculpture Museum, a night dive, and a dive at the wreck of a C-58 Minesweeper.
With exotic aquatic wildlife and four unique dives to choose from, all certified divers will be impressed with a Cancun 2-tank dive!


Spend a day in Puerto Aventuras exploring the underwater world of cenotes, the largest underground cavern system in the world. See the fascinating limestone structures in these caves beneath the waves, all just a short distance away from Cancun.
Swim around submerged stalactites and stalagmites, and see the spectacular, natural phenomenon of haloclines, a blending of fresh and salt water, all safely lead by an expert guide.


Even if you’re not staying in Cozumel, you can still experience the famous dive sites in the region. Departing from Cancun, you can enjoy two dives at some of the famous Cozumel sites including the Santa Rosa Wall, Palancar Gardens and La Herradura, as well as Paradise Reef and Tormentos!
Dive with expert bilingual instructors and see an amazing cast of aquatic characters as you swim amid some of the most brightly colored fish on earth!


Dive in for a once-in-a-lifetime snorkel tour at Cancun’s newest attraction, the Underwater Museum. Snorkel amongst the various exhibitions and learn about Cancun’s preservation efforts.
With over 400 life-size sculptures to discover, this aquatic exhibition is sure to leave you spellbound!


As featured in the critically acclaimed 2001 IMAX movie, Journey Into Amazing Caves, the 2005 Hollywood movie, The Cave and the award winning 2007 BBC Planet Earth television series, the Yucan Peninsula is home to some of the most extensive systems of under-water caverns and caves in the world!
Certified open water divers are given the opportunity to experience the ancient and timeless forces of this natural dreamland!


Add a little adventure to your vacation with a Cancun waverunner and snorkel tour!

From the marina, you and a friend will board a two-person waverunner and blast across the Nichupte Lagoon into a winding maze of mangroves and exotic birds calling above you as you zip and weave through the mangrove forest.