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by All About Cancun on October 22, 2008

Cancun beach has compiled a list of 15 tips to make your stay in Cancun more safe, affordable, and enjoyable. Keep these simple practicalities in mind while having fun. They will protect both your safety and your pocketbook if you do so.

  1. Hotels and resorts filter drinking water. It is recommended you use bottled water just to be on the safe side.
  2. Waterproof sunscreen is a must in Cancun, whether you are in a pool or the ocean.
  3. Mexican currency is invalid if it is torn or defaced in any way. Do not accept anything that is not in good condition.
  4. Areas around hotels are private property. People not staying at a particular hotel must use public access to the beach. There are 10 total access points.
  5. If you have a legal problem, you need to contact your consulate.
  6. You must enter Mexico with the proper legal documents. You may use your passport, birth certificate with raised embossed seal, voter registration card, or driver’s license with photo id. If you are bringing a child under 18 into the country who is not your own, you MUST have an authorized letter from the parents or guardian(s). This applies to any relative such as a grandchild, niece, nephew, or cousin.
  7. One US dollar is worth between 11 and 12 pesos. You may convert your currency at any number of locations around Cancun. We recommend you convert only small amounts of currency at a time to give yourself spending money while you are out and about. Traveler Checks are the safest way to spend money and are accepted by most businesses in the Hotel Zone and Tourist Zone. US Dollars and credit cards are also accepted in many places.
  8. Only purchase calling cards from the phone company. They will have a label that reads TelMex or Lada Te, and almost always have a microchip in them as well.
  9. Many places are cash only, so it is advisable to carry your credit card. Make sure you have identity theft protection anytime you take your credit card out of the country.
  10. Buses only cost $6 pesos and are much more affordable than cabs.
  11. Cancun Taxi drivers do not expect tips, but they have been known to overcharge if people are confused about their destination. Be clear in communicating where you are going, and make sure you negotiate a rate up front.
  12. Stay with the crowds when you are shopping or clubbing. Cancun is a safe city by metropolitan standards, but there is no city in the world where you can just wander around alone at night without something eventually happening. Be cautious and use good sense while having fun.
  13. Pedestrians do not have the right of way in Mexico, so for your own safety, yield to drivers.
  14. Any information booth you visit will try to sell you a timeshare. Timeshares are great for many people, but do not be talked into buying one if you did not originally intend to.
  15. If you are going to need your cell phone in Cancun, you need to call your provider to make sure it will work in the area, and you need to verify that it will not cost you higher roaming or international usage fees.
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