Dining & Nightlife

The Cancun Dining and Nightlife Experience

Cancun features some of the world’s finest restaurants and most exciting nightclubs. Nightlife can be found throughout Cancun, but many clubs and restaurants are located within the hotel district itself. Diners and partygoers can often find superb food and all the fun they are looking for just a few short minutes away from their accommodations..

Cancun nightlife begins in restaurants the minute the sun goes down.


Dining at Cancun Restaurants

Cancun is a world travel destination and Cancun restaurants feature cuisine from all over the world. In addition to traditional Mexican food, travelers can enjoy dining at their choice of seafood, Italian, French, American, and Japanese restaurants.

Many restaurants feature live music, fantastic window seating overlooking Cancun Island, and romantic balconies and patios for those who prefer to sit outside. Silk Asian Bistro provides the theatrical experience of Teppanyaki stations where talented chefs whip up culinary delights right before your eyes.

Regardless of whether or not you are looking for traditional cuisine from your favorite corner of the world, elegant settings and ambience for quiet conversation, or a romantic setting overlooking Cancun’s beautiful Caribbean shoreline, Cancun restaurants begin the nightlife on a special note that makes memories last a lifetime.

The service is exquisite and intended as well to accommodate an International crowd. Menus in the Hotel District are available in English, and wait staff is always willing to help a traveler find their favorite dish on the menu and accommodate him or her with exceptional service.

Many restaurants in Cancun have gorgeous views and open-air dining right on the beach. The Beach House restaurant at ME Cancun has  fantastic views.

After Dining comes the Party!

Nightlife in the clubs normally starts late in Cancun.Travelers visiting Cancun can stay out until 6am in most Cancun Superclubs.

The majority of these hotspots are located in the Hotel District itself, making them a convenient cab ride or bus ride home from an evening on the town.

People from all over the world come here. Europeans love the Cancun nightlife, so be prepared to meet people from Spain, Italy, Portugal, France, and Britain as you tour the club circuit.

American Spring Breakers have also made Cancun something of a pilgrimage spot in their quest for ongoing fun. Clubs like Senor Frogs, Coco Bongo, The Hard Rock Café, Dady Rock Bar, Pat O’Brian’s are just a few of the Cancun’s nightlife hotspots frequented by Continentals and Americans alike. Cancun Superclubs feature fantastic dance floors, and some have live performances, bikini contests, circus-style acts, and contests that run throughout the night.

Bars and lounges like the Rose Bar can be found both in the Hotel District and Cancun City for those who prefer a more laid-back nightlife. Lounges and fun bars offer a broad range of atmospheres and special activities, and many Salsa clubs can be found throughout the city for those looking to experience traditional Latin culture, music, and dance more personally and directly