Cancun’s superclubs, bars and lounges make it a great place to have tons of nightlife fun that can last into the wee hours of the next day. The drinking age in Cancun is 18.

Cancun Superclubs

Coco Bongo is a great place for Cancun nightlifeYou will find  that the heart of Cancun nightlife is in the clubs. Popular places like Coco Bongo, Dady O’s, the City and Dady Rock are staples in any Cancun vacation.

Cancun Bars

Carlos N Charlies is great for festive Cancun nightlife loversWant Cancun nightlife, but not a club kinda of person? Places like Senior Frogs or Carlos N Charlie’s serve food during the day and serve fun at night.

If you are looking for a casual place to do the congo line, a festive Cancun bar is the place. Look for yards of margaritas, lots of tequila shots and dancing contests. Beware of your first sip from your straw, sometimes they fill it with alcohol as a surprise.

Most of the bars in Cancun close around 1 or 2 in the morning, earlier than the rest of Cancun nightlife,

You can pay by the drink or get an open bar package which run any where from $20 – $40.

The Cancun bars are mostly located in Punta Cancun, convenient if you want to pre-game and then go to the clubs to experience more Cancun nightlife.

Cancun Lounges

If you are looking for more of a hip, martini drinking Cancun nightlife, you might want to head downtown to Cancun city.

These places, such as chelounge, offer a more sophisticated way to enjoy the Cancun nightlife, but might cost you a bit more. An open bar at a lounge in downtown Cancun is closer to the $100 range. There are also a couple of lounges in the Hotel Zone, like Nectar Bar which overlooks the Nichupte lagoon. But don’t forget your wallet when going out at these Cancun nightlife spots – a bottle of tequila goes for upwards of $80.

Entertainment and Live Music

Live music and DJ style music is featured in a lot of Cancun nightclubs and some interesting shows are occasionally featured. If you do a little homework you should be able to find something to  guarantee that anyone in your group will enjoy Cancun nightlife.

Call ahead to make sure you are going to get what you want in the way of entertainment, as scheduled shows sometimes have a way of changing without notice.

Cancun Nightlife Spots

When dialing the local number of these Cancun nightlife hot spots from the U.S. or Canada, always dial 011 52 (998) before the number shown.

Name Area Type Phone
Azúcar Bar Caribeño Hotel Zone Salsa 883-0100
Baccara Beach Bar Hotel Zone Fun Bar 883-2077
Baja Beach Club Bar Hotel Zone Fun Bar 883-1156
Bar’n Roll Plaza Kukulkan Rock 885-3133
Batachá Hotel Zone Salsa 883-1755
Carlos and Charlie’s Hotel Zone Fun Bar 883-0846
Cat’s Hotel Zone Reggae 883-1910
Champion’s Hotel Marriott Sports Bar 881-2000
Chrisitine Club Disco Hotel Krystal Discotheque 883-1793
Coco Bongo Plaza Forum By the Sea Show & Disco 883-0592
Dady’O Hotel Zone Discotheque 883-3313
Dady Rock Hotel Zone Rock 883-1626
Fat Tuesday Hotel Zone Fun Bar 883-2676
Gibb’s Downtown Rockola 887-2395
Glazz La Isla Shopping Village Live Music & Shows 883-2674
Hard Rock Cafe Plaza Forum By the Sea Rock and Roll 881-8120
La Boom Club Disco Hotel Zone Discotheque 883-1152
La Farandula Hotel Zone Salsa 883-0510
La Misión Hotel Zone Salsa 885-1706
Liquid Hotel Zone Discotheque 883-1303
No Way José Downtown Rock Taped 884-2280
Planet Hollywood Plaza Flamingo Rock and Roll 885-3022
Risky Times Downtown Fun Bar 884-7503
Salón Merengue Hotel Zone Salsa 883-2919
Sr. Frog’s Hotel Zone Fun Bar 883-1092
The City – Nightclub – Beach Club – Lounge Blvd. Kukulkan, Km. 9.5 Bar/Restaurant – Live Music 883-2077
Tequila Boom Hotel Zone Bar Disco 883-1152