Nightlife lovers partying at a Cancun Club

In Punta Cancun you will find the heart of Cancun nightlife – the “superclubs” like Coco Bongo, Dady O’s, the City and Dady Rock.

Discos, super-clubs, mega-clubs or whatever you want to call them; these are not your regular clubs. Cancun clubs often feature circus type entertainment with mimes, balloons, acrobats and the whole show. During Spring Break and other high traffic times for Cancun nightlife, famous DJs and popular artists perform at some of these superclubs.

Entrance Fees and Cover at Cancun Clubs

Entrance fees to these clubs run about $40 and include an open bar until 3am. This does not include shots offered by shot girls, so take extra cash for your jello shots, tequila, and whiskey.

Buying your tickets in advance or through your hotel may get you a discount on entrance fees to the Cancun clubs.

Most of the Cancun clubs give out colorful wristbands with the entrance fee. You can see many people wearing these all the way up their arms to show how many clubs they have been to.

Cancun Club Hours

If you are looking for a party, Punta Cancun is a top spot for Cancun nightlife that parties all night long.

Most clubs open at 10pm, but most people head out around midnight. Expect the clubs to be packed from 12am – 2am.

4 a.m. is the closing time for clubs in Cancun but during the high season some stay open ’til the sun comes up. These clubs are definitely the place to be seen during Spring Break.

Getting to the Clubs/Getting Home

List of Cancun Clubs

Bulldog Cafe: In the heart of the Hotel Zone, Bulldog Cancun offers the world-class facilities, live bands, DJs, bikini contests and more.

Coco Bongo: Located in the Forum by the sea, the City is definitely one of the hottest places to be seen in Cabo.  This club packs in over 3,000 people; it’s giant. This is perhaps the most popular club in Cancun.

Dady’O: Across from the Forum by the Sea you can enjoy world famous spectacular light and laser shows, live music and more.

The City: With 9 bars, light shows, VIP areas and more the City is the very definition of a Cancun super club. Expect the latest music and famous DJs.