Spring Break

Cancun is sure to provide lots of sun, beaches, bars and fun for your ultimate spring break party experience! Cancun Spring Break offers the best in natural beauty and the most student-friendly beaches and nightlife you are going to find anywhere south of the border.

Affordable Accommodations

Spring Break in Cancun should be affordable just as it should be fun. Hotels and resorts offer great deals to college students looking to spend their spring break in Cancun.

Group hotel rates by HotelPlanner.com

Spring break packages can be purchased that include a number of activities bundled together for a flat rate.  Group discounts are available in a number of hotels, and vacation packages for college students can be purchased from Student City, STA Travel or any other student travel agency.  Some things you can find in these packages are round trip airfare, free airport to hotel shuttle service, a 7 night stay in the hotel, all taxes covered, and a party package. If you are traveling to Cancun with a group  for Spring Break using Hotel Planner or any other group website helps you get discounts for being a group.

Great Nightlife

Cancun entertains over 6,000 people each night in over 200 clubs and bars including Coco Bongo, Sr. Frog’s, La boom, The Myth, Pat O’Brien’s, Dady’O, and Fat Tuesday.  These Cancun nightclubs offer all sorts of entertainment for college crowds, feature huge dance floors, exotic drinks, and dance music that plays until 6 in the morning, making Cancun the ideal place to party over spring break. Every year, Fat Tuesdays serves as MTV Spring Break Cancun headquarters.  Celebrities, musicians, and DJs come down to host special events and keep the fun going twenty four seven.  Share the fun, drink all day, (and all night), and, most importantly, be on TV!

Many Activities

There are lots of activities to explore while spending Spring Break in Cancun.  If you do not want to spend the full cost of chartering deep sea fishing yacht, Cancun share fishing (also known as party boat fishing in the States) is a very economical way to do some very good fishing without spending all your money at once.  You can also rent ATVs and Speed Boats here to jet around the water, and even find four wheelers to take out into the jungle.   You can also go horseback riding on the beach or into the jungle if you want something more quiet and romantic.

Booze Cruises

Cancun booze cruises are a Cancun Spring Breaker’s dream.  They combine the nightclub experience with a variety of water activities, and then pour alcohol on the mix to get the party really fired up.  There are both daytime and nighttime Cancun Spring Break booze cruises available.  The nighttime cruises normally serve dinner.  The daytime cruises offer fishing, water sports, and snorkeling.